With years of experience and state of the art technology, we deliver quality candle products to our clients globally. We make everything from plain household emergency candles to prayer candles, birthday candles, decorative candles, pillars, votive, scented candles, Diya’s, tea lights and more.

It’s the passion for candles that makes us deliver the quality of products and services to our esteemed customers globally. We strive to learn more and love to work on newer concepts to derive and create our products.

We provide the wide range of candles like Gel, Pillar, Floating, Decorative, Designer, and Aroma for Weddings, Parties, Birthday Parties etc (Scented and Unscented).

What makes the difference is the way that we use.

We use natural wax in Aroma Candles.

We also provide candles in Spa and Ayurvedic Canters.